Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, the popular American king, once again held a personal concert at the Hong Kong Fake Asia Expo tonight, attracting a large number of celebrities, including Deng Ziqi (GEM), Du Dewei, Hu Dingxin, Shan Liwen and Hu Yu, Zhou Jiawei, Wang Junxin, Zhong Shuman (Sherman ) with sisters Zhong Shuwen, Zhuang Simin, Chen Yizhen and Deng Peiyi. Deng Ziqi laughed that Bruno Mars was her lover. She was very excited to see this sing. She and the company took time off to see the show in the morning. Fortunately, there is Zhong Shuman helping to buy tickets, and I can see them with a group of friends. When asked why he didn’t go to see with his boyfriend, Deng Ziqi said: “Boyfriends are very important.” It is said that after Bruno Mars’s personal concert, he will go to the nightclub to celebrate and ask if Deng Ziqi will go to see the idol. Said: "Everyday I rarely go to nightclubs, but I want to go to the photo album and I am thinking about not going." Before Zhuang Simin bought a ticket for a friend, she was found to be a scalper ticket with a price increase. Her smile was a misunderstanding: "Friends buy tickets online, I didn't pay attention to him to buy expensive, he can't see things, help him, no reason. Don't look, don't waste, he finally gave the ticket to his friends." Zhuang Simin stressed that his ticket is a regular price, and he used a lot of friends to buy it. This is the second time to watch Bruno Mars. As her husband Hong Tianming is going to start work, Zhou Jiawei has a son and a friend to come to the concert. She said that it is very difficult to buy a ticket this time: "A month ago someone asked me if I wanted to see it. I took it one by one. Several people have asked me if I have no votes. This is the first time I watched it." Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Jia Wei said that her husband is going to start work. He has already celebrated with his family in advance yesterday.

He is a superstar named after a planet, but Bruno Mars is still very grounded. He was an imitator of Elvis at first, and he is now one of the biggest record titles in history. Mars's fame has a climax and a trough. Although Mars' lazy behavior did not imply that he was in trouble, he also experienced many difficulties. Do you think you know everything about this icon? Think again. 1. He wrote his first song when he was four years old. Mars has been mass producing popular products since childhood. When he was four years old, he wrote his first song and dedicated it to the most important person in his life: his mother. She told Lifestyle Inquirer that Mars "sang even before he started talking." According to his mother, he started playing the piano from an early age. "When he was two years old, I bought him a piano," she said. "As soon as he plays the piano, he starts to play the music, not just playing the ball, he will play the real song!" Since then, Mars has made great progress and created dozens of popular songs. 2. He is the youngest Elvis imitator Little Bruno not only wrote his first song when he was 4, but he was also the youngest Elvis imitator at the time. He joined his parents' band when he was 2 years old. This is very cute, but what's the big deal? It's quite big. He is a very small Elvis, he played in the Aloha Bowl in 1990 and played the "Kitten King" in the honeymoon of Vegas in 1992. People love him. The 1990 documentary "Viva Elvis" featured a special report on him, and he appeared on several TV shows, such as the Pauly Shore MTV clip above. According to Rolling Stone, he appeared on Arsenio Hall when he was 6 years old. Why is Elvis? He said in the "Long Live Elvis" documentary, "I like his singing, his dance, his lips," and then his impression of Elvis's iconic lips is naturally perfect. This child is born to be a star! 3. He is from a close family Bruno Mars comes from a close family. He has a very close relationship with his mother, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot. In 2013, she died of a brain aneurysm, which made him suffer. In 2017, Mars confessed his losses to Latinos. "The woman who taught you to love shows you what a woman should look like," he said. "When this feeling disappears, more than half of your heart will disappear." Mars added Said that losing her mother made him understand the "real importance of life and loved ones." "My life has changed," he said. She is more than just my music. If I can exchange music for her, I will. I often hear her say, ‘Keep it up and stick to it. ’” 4. He was born in poverty Mars may be very successful now, but his life is far from smooth. Some of his childhood days were spent in poverty. Once, his family was poor and they were crowded into a small house without a bathroom. Despite this, Mars said in an interview with "60 Minutes" that his childhood was "the best." "We have everything," he said. “We have each other.” Mars added that his family sometimes has no electricity, but they have been very active and said, “We will solve it.” Mars said: "Maybe this is why I like music." "I will find a way." 5. He was bullied at school For Mars, going to school is not always easy. When he was a child, his classmates would make fun of his appearance and call him "Peter Pan Haima Diger" (Mars has not yet come up with the second part of the nickname). "Even nerds call me that," Mars told Rolling Stone magazine. "Oh, my God, it's not easy." I don't even want to go to school. "However, after a while, Mars won the goodwill of his classmates with his natural charm, and became a "good friend" with those who had bullied him. 6. He grew up in the performance If Mars's stage performance and smooth singing seem effortless, there is a reason. The music lingers in his blood, the singer/songwriter grew up in the performance. His father is a Latin percussionist and his mother is a hula dancer. This charm brought Mars's parents together and they worked together for many years in a cover band called Love Notes. When Mars was two years old, he joined the band and played Elvis. Through this band, he became a local celebrity. Today, Mars continues the tradition of this family. His brother Eric Hernandez is the drummer of the God of War. Hernandez left the police career and joined the band.

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