Desi Arnaz

The Cuban-American is the soul of the band. He and Lucille Ball co-starred in the title with a dark hint (whether the title of the film was inadvertently insinuated by its actor? ) The movie "Too Many Girls". In the 20 years after their marriage, Desi has been caring for fun and chasing women. There is no doubt that it is not Lucy, it is Desi, who needs to do "masking work".

Amazon Pictures recently bought the biographical film Lucy and Desi, whose script was written by well-known screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, "Queen" Cate Blanche Cate Blanchett will play the legendary actress Lucille Ball in the film. Lucille Bauer is one of the most legendary actors in American cinema. She entered the film industry in the 1930s and started to play small characters without lines. After many years of hard work, she made a hit with the sitcom "I Love Lucy", not only took a lot of successful film and television works, but even bought the 1958 bankrupt Thunderbolt Film Company, which made it scale. The largest TV production company "Dexilu". "Lucer and Desi" focused on the 20-year marriage between Lucille Bauer and Desi Arnaz. In 1940, Lucille married the Cuban band conductor Dexi, and they together created "I Love Lucy" and established Dexilu TV Production Company together. Dexi can be said to be accompanied by his wife from the nameless name. Smell the world. The two had a son and a daughter, but eventually divorced in 1960. In 1962 Lucille Bauer became the head of Desilu, and she eventually died in 1989. The "Lucer and Desi" project was finalized in 2015. The script was written by gold screenwriter Alan Sokin, and Oscar-winning actress Kate Blanchett joined. The project has been looking for investment, until recently it was bought by the wealthy Amazon. "Lucer and Desi" was created by Escape Artists Film Company, and a pair of children of Lucille and Desi will be producers. Currently, the film is looking for an actor to play Desi Anaz. In addition, the other two stars of "I Love Lucy" starring Vivian Vance and William Flory ( William Frawley) also needs to find the right person to play. Alan Sorkin, who is good at writing scripts for biographical films, has a new project. He will write a script about the life story of comedian Lucille Bower. The famous actor Cate Blanchett will work with Lucille Bauer. From the theme and the main creation, this will undoubtedly be a popular film in the award season. Judging from the performance of the biographies in the awards season, this film will undoubtedly become a hot spot.     Currently, the film has not yet been named, nor has it been determined by the director. But the gold combination of Blanchett and Solkin is not difficult to find a suitable director in Hollywood. It is reported that the film will skip Lucy Bauer's years in the Hollywood studio, directly from her and Cuban Desi Arnaz. After marrying Anaz, Lucille Bauer gradually became a famous comedian. In 1958, Raytheon Film Company closed down. Bauer and Anaz purchased the studio and established Dexilu Film Company to develop into the largest TV studio. She owns a majority stake in the plant and has been president of Lucille Bauer Studio since 1967. Until 1968, she sold her shares to the Gulf and Western Oil Company for $17 million. While working in the television industry, she still participated in the filming of the film. In 1960, she also starred in the opera "Wild Cat" on Broadway. Ball was recommended as the "most promising star" by the "Daily Movie" election in 1951. In 1952, he was selected as the best performance award by "Daily Movie" and later selected as "Best" by "Daily Movie". Comedy partner" (1954), "Best Comedy Actress" (1952, 1954, 1955, 1957). It is because of the popularity of her comedy image that Lucille Bauer has a reputation as a "comed queen."     The film will be filmed under Escape Artists, and the sons of Lucille Bauer and Desi Anaz will be the producers of the film, Little Dessie Anaz and Little Thunder Anaz. At the same time, they are also actors, as to whether they will appear in the film and play a role, it is still unknown.

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