Jordyn Woods interview

Kolo Kardashian officially canceled the attention of Joe Ding Woods on Instagram. Just two days after Kolo’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was exposed to 21-year-old Jordin, the “Revenge” actress made her own feelings about the model public. However, she still follows the 27-year-old Tristan. Considering that Jordyn is Kylie Jenner's best friend and family, 34-year-old Khloe is not the only one to take action. Big sister Kim Kardashian also didn't pay attention to Jordin and Tristan on Instagram. As early as April of this year, just a few days before Colo gave birth to his daughter True in April 2018, after the video of the intimate relationship between Tristan and other women was leaked, Kim also decided to cancel the attention to Tristan. In June of this year, the founder of the KKW beauty website forced Tristan to dismiss her on Instagram. After that, Kim and the NBA star reconciled on Colo’s birthday. Kolo’s best friend, Malika Hachik, also expressed support for the reality star. Last night, Kolo and 35-year-old Marika attended the opening ceremony of the Pretty LittleThing store in Los Angeles. This is the first public event of Kolo after the scandal was exposed. In the event on Wednesday, the two wore matching clothes - a beautiful black sweater with leather pants and pointed heels. Colo arrived at around 7:20 pm. Despite the dramatic events of the past few days, his mood seems to be very good. She smiled and walked into the new headquarters of the clothing brand in West Hollywood, holding hands with Malika posing on the carpet. By slamming Jordyn on social media, Malika also proved that she was Khloe's mount or death. On Tuesday, Marika made a fierce comment on a post that made fun of the scandal. This post shows Jenner's daughter Stomi sitting in a high chair and saying goodbye to the title, "Scarmi's Stomi is waiting for Jordin to pack his bags, and then from Kelly's house like this. come out……" Related reports: Kolo Kardashian was accused of being angered by Jordin Woods because of Tristan Thompson’s anger “These people are not loyal,” Marika wrote in a deleted comment. Colo's best friend quoted Chris Brown in his song "Loyalty" and he seemed to be satirizing Woods. Melia also replied to Instagram's unlocked post on Instagram - about her best friend breaking up with Tristan and derailing with Jordin, she wrote: "Strong facts." Kardashian later wrote eight talking emojis in the comment area of ​​the post. Despite strong opposition, a source told People magazine on Thursday that Jordin was doing everything she could to make up for her mistakes. "Jordin has been trying to apologize to other people in Kolo and Kelly's family," the source said. "She wants to apologize and wants everything to be fine." According to a person familiar with the matter, "People" magazine revealed that Woods lived in the Kelly family and now "moved back to her mother's house." Kelly has not responded to this incident, she is still watching Joe Ding on Instagram. Related reports: Kim Kardashian seems to wear sunglasses for Jordyn Woods while attending Khloe's girl journey with Marika Hakkak. For Kelly, this is much harder. She basically lost part of her own world. "She is very, very sad. She always entrusts everything to Jordin. On Tuesday, TMZ and "Hollywood Decryption" magazine reported that Kolo and Cleveland Cavaliers players broke up after being unfaithful to Woods, which cast a shadow over the Kajenah family. "This is not what they want," the source added. So several family members contacted the people they thought they had attended the party. They were told that this was true. Related reports: Since Tristan Thompson was accused of being infected with Jordin Woods, Kelly Jenner stood up for the first time. Woods has remained silent since the report was exposed, but Tristan sent a "fake news" before deleting his post.

Jordyn Woods is a good friend with socialites/models Kelly Jenna and Kardashian family sisters. According to one of her close friends, Jordyn and Booker are currently playing hot. "They love each other," Jordyn's friend said. "I can't say that they are getting married soon, because everything is still early, but they are already in double right."

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