Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa looks sweet and has a F cup and a good figure. She is the world's largest A film site "Pornhub" and the highest AV actress, so she was named "the world's first AV actress" by netizens. In 2017, some netizens revealed on Twitter that they captured Mia on the street. In the unknown situation, they raised their mobile phones and idols, and Mia immediately shot him. A male netizen had a self-portrait on Twitter with Mia Khalifa. I saw Mia Khalifa wearing a gray vest and wearing a black-rimmed glasses to go shopping. She looked wrong. It was obvious that the photo was taken without notice. The netizen also said in the article that he and Mia Khalifa were self-portraits. "She punched me on my face and left a bruise." The netizen also attached a close-up photo of his There is obviously a large bruise at the eye socket. After many netizens read the article, they all criticized the netizen for living. "You don't even have basic respect, you should be beaten." "It’s okay to be beaten," and fans also show themselves and rice. A photo of Khalifa, who proved that he was not injured in the photo with the idol. Subsequently, Mia Khalifa also forwarded her photo with a female netizen on her own Twitter and said, "You are the most intimate. Thank you for asking me gently, not when I am shopping. , jump directly to me and push the lens to my face."

Mia Khalifa, who used to be the "world's chief Ivy actress", has retired, but the news about her is still appearing, which shows how much everyone cares about her.   This sister is also a sports fan. Last week, she posted on Twitter: "I would rather associate with a vegetarian, and don't date fans of the Cowboys." Originally, Hallefa was the NFL (American Football League) Washington Redskins (Washington Redskins) The iron powder, often can not help but on the network with the fans of the team,   After the above-mentioned speech was exposed, fans of the Dallas Cowboys immediately counterattacked. A netizen commented: "As a vegetarian and a cowboy fan, I suggest that we generously let her be a carnivorist." Former world chief Ivy actress Mia Khalifa offended NFL fans ▲Mia Khalifa, the former "world's chief Ivy actress", is also a sports fan.   Another netizen followed on the tweet and said: "I represent all carnivores and have to reject your kindness. I suggest that she be given to the fans of the Giants." So Mia Khalifa (Mia Khalifa) was pushed and released by the fans of the teams on the Internet. Everyone had a good time.   Finally, the fans of the Redskins finally came out. However, his tweet turned out to be: "As a representative of the Redskins fans, we have the heart, please transfer her to the fans of the Ravens." Then, another netizen is gloating and said: "The team The powder friends refused, crying!" So why is Mia Khalifa called the former "Chief Ivy Actress"? Originally, in the past, a well-known international data analysis website Pornhub had counted the big data on the website. Mia Khalifa is the adult movie star with the highest click-through rate among netizens. According to the British Mirror, Carly was born in Lebanon, but grew up in Miami, USA, and debuted in late 2014, but Mia Khalifa announced her retirement in early 2015. Although people are always focusing on Mia Khalifa's short-lived pornography experience, Mia Khalifa has recently been on the road to becoming a social media celebrity. Going through the water. Since Mia Khalifa retired from the adult film industry in early 2015, she has accumulated millions of fans on social media such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Now, Mia Khalifa has been involved in the anchor world.

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