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The popular British pop music group "Spice Girls" announced on Twitter that the four members of the "Spicy Girl" group will start a British tour on June 1, 2019, but only "Beibei" - Victoria Beckham does not participate. The other four members announced the news of the upcoming tour in a video, but they did not mention the absence of "Bei". Later, Victoria released a group photo of the other four on the ins, blessed them and said that they will not participate in next year's concert, but the experience of being a member of the hot girl group is an important part of her life. What happened to a few people? An advertisement in 1994 created a hot girl combination. In the same year, British music producer Chris Herbert and his son recruited more than 400 people through newspaper advertisements, and finally established a group member. The combination was originally called "Touch", and later changed to the current name, and the members were changed and finally finalized. However, the Herbert father and son who contributed to this combination did not sign up with five girls, resulting in several girls economically unsettled. The ultimate agent, Simon Fowler, became a combination of nobles and signed a contract with them. After two years of training, five people were successful in the UK. The debut song "Wannabe" not only identifies a few people (Jie Lie Harry Wilhelm is called "呛 妹 ”"; Melanie Brown is called "Sisters"; Victoria Adams is called "fashion" "Spicy Girl"; Melanie Chesholm is known as "Sports Girl"; Emma Booneton is known as "Baby Girl".) Also on the British record chart, and then "Say" You'll Be There and two winners of "2 Become 1". Five unfamiliar girls, because of a "selection" to get together to realize the musical dream, from the beginning to get a variety of champions, this is the glory of the last few years of the 20th century. After entering the United States in 1997, the brokers planned a world tour for them, which made the Spice Girls group the first women's group to tour the world. They seem to have swept the world with a gust of wind, from Britain to the United States, wherever they go. However, during the heyday, a series of incidents caused the group to start to fall apart. They first arranged for an overly intensive trip, which caused too much pressure and fired the agent's gate, which made them sway in the music circle. Later, in the last stop of the tour, the core member Jie Jie suddenly announced the withdrawal of the combination, and other hot girls withstood the pressure to complete the performance. Soon after, Victoria and Melanie Brown announced their pregnancy during the US tour, and after the tour ended, they married and gave birth to each other. Several members gradually flew, and the combination died in name only. Although there was a shortcoming in 2007, several people started a new global tour, but in early 2008, they announced the dissolution of the group on the official website. The Spice Girls, which existed for only five years, may have less impact on the current 90s and 00s. The familiar ones are the “Beibei” Victoria, which is still very active today, but in fact the “hot girl combination” in the world music scene in the 1990s. It’s a miracle that can’t be avoided. The singing of the five girls is not magical, the songs are not difficult, but together they have produced miracles. Full of power, fun and lyrics, with a crisp and sweet or sweet melody, the hot girls in MTV confidently show themselves, not the vassals of men around them. The five people have different strengths in their bodies, representing the characteristics of women at all levels in the 1990s. This is undoubtedly a few sweet bombs in the United Kingdom. Critics think that they are frivolous and childish, but they are singing sweet songs. But since 1996, two of the three albums have won the British record sales list, and there are nine singles, with a total sales volume of more than 85 million, which makes them a history. The women’s group with the highest total sales volume has also let the doubters shut up. Our recent memory of their performances should be the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. In the closing ceremony, five retro cars carrying five babes enter the performance venue, and the familiar "Wannabe" resounded. However, the relationship between the other four people and Victoria in the singing process looks a bit subtle. Victoria is more often posing a cool pose on the side, ignoring the atmosphere of the other four people, and the British media said several people. There seems to be a "transparent" wall between them. In fact, "the long-term must be divided" seems to have become an iron law that cannot be broken by the idol combination. The reasons for the adjustment of members' careers and the internal contradictions of the combination are often the important reasons for the combination of single flight or dissolution. The so-called three women have a play, and five women are even more entertaining. These five actresses are famous early and stay in a group. Because of their different personalities and different understandings of performances, it is inevitable that there will be gaps. From Victoria's post-2000 experience, I can see why she is now making a choice not to participate in the tour. Victoria has increased its exposure in the fashion world since 2000, starting with fashion models and then trying to open a new product line VB Rocks to the mature brand Rock & Republic, and to make fashion editors for friends. But in 2006, she set up her own brand DVB (from VB to DVB, DB is her husband's initials in DVB, Victoria in the middle, symbolizing the sweet love of two people), I am the chief designer. She brought her own products to the fashion show of various fashion weeks and became a professional fashion person. In her Sina Weibo profile, Victoria Beckham is the most impressive fashion icon in the world, a wife and a mother. The whole introduction did not mention that he was in the music scene. It can be seen that in today's Victorian heart, those have become the past. Since the past cannot be chased, it is better to look ahead. In Victoria's various social media today, most of her content is related to her own fashion brand. Although the "fashion babes" in the babes' portfolio is gone, Victoria is still fascinated by fashion. The absence of Victoria's hot girl tour next year will inevitably affect the mood of fans, but the other four members can be reorganized, which is already an important part of the fans' "life list". After all, as a fan, idols can develop better in the field they like, and it is one of many wishes. After the next year, are the babes like to stop performing in a few games like in 2007? Or the tour was successful, but still separated after a brief gathering? No one knows, but the names of several girls will always be engraved in the history of world music.

The outside world has been eagerly awaiting the reunion of the Spice Girls. After 15:00 on Monday afternoon in the UK, the Spice Girls announced that they will start a new reunion tour next summer. The much-anticipated concert will be held in Manchester. However, Beckham's wife, Bessie Victoria, did not participate in the reunion, but announced through social platforms that she was very supportive of the sisters to move on without her. Bessie Victoria said: "Today is a special day for the hot girls, because they announced the first tour date since we performed together in 2012! I will not join the stage again, but the sisters are a very important part of my life, I hope They will get more love and fun in the tour next year. I know they will have a wonderful performance and fans will have a wonderful time!" Mel B once talked about the absence of Victoria, Mel B explained: "The four of us come back and will never replace the existence of Bellow. The four of us are fully engaged, but Victoria may join us at some point. I Hope so. Victoria's work is very busy, she has a lot of things to do in the fashion world, and she has children to take care of, so she did not participate in the compound!" Earlier in the day, Emma talked about the comeback. This is the first time that the Spice Girls Group has performed together since the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics six years ago. The Spice Girls Group has been famous for a long time and was established in 1994 with great success! Although Victoria may not have participated, she did not prevent her from leaving her band members and introduced her seven-year-old daughter, Little Seven Harper, to her good sister. The mother and daughter recently watched "The Girl World" during the summer vacation, and Xiaoqi Harper was also seen playing with all the babes!

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